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In checking out the LA Latino club circuit, we decided to interview none other than some of LA's best DJs on the scene who play house music: Real house music - with vocals and divas - the stuff the QV scene made famous all over the US. These DJs had some interesting things to say:

What do you think about the music that the Latino QV scene in LA dances to nowadays?

Ernie Pearl
Circus & Arena
It's getting a lot better. It's less dubby and more vocal. I guess vocals are kind of "in" right now. I think right now people want a variety of sound - the music has a lot of different styles. We have a lot more to choose from.
Club Forbidden
I think LA has a lot of potential. I like to play good music for people - stuff that is new and innovative - and I expect clubgoers to respect my choice in music. I don't spin stuff I wouldn't dance to unless I'm very, very, very, drunk.
Club Forbidden, Odyssey
It's safe. They like to hear what they are familiar with. Stuff that they listen to on Groove Radio, or DJ Enrie's "Power Workout." There is a lot of good music - they just need to be open to it, not wait four months until they dance to a song.
DJ Salvador
House music certainly has a deep Latin influence and they (Latinos), of course, love their pop-Latino, Spanish rock, cumbias, merengue and touch of salsa for spice.

Do you think the Latino QV community is ready for new and cutting-edge dance music?

I think it depends on your venue and what crowds you cater to. Circus is more commercial and you get a larger perspective on the various tastes. As a DJ in this huge city, I actually expect more out of the QV scene. It's very funny when I'm at a club and people run to the dance floor when they hear tracks like "Da Funk Phenomenon" - it's so old. Those people need to record the track and play it at home till they get tired of it. Yeah, I think they are ready - it's just that they need to be more open to it. QV clubs have better music and are more cutting edge in general. We need to always be open to new music whether we have heard it before or are just experiencing it (for the first time). Of course it is, as long as the DJs are willing to take it there. We have that option and should not be afraid to exercise it.

What other clubs beside the ones you work at would you recommend for good house music?

I guess Tempo, Robbie's and Club Forbidden on Sundays. I would like to mention SF clubs, but I don't think too many Angelenos go up there.

QV: Go ahead.

EP: I would recommend Club Papi's in San Jose.

Definitely DYMK, Catch One in LA, Generator in Chicago, Twilo, Cafe con Leche and the Tunnel in NYC, Liquid Salvation and Kremlin in Miami, Universe and Fag Fridays in San Francisco. I hear Anthem is also da shit.

The Temple was one of my favorite places when it was around and Pump. DYMK for afterhours. Cafe Con Leche & Factoria 21 (@SFB) in NY.

QV: Would you recommend Circus and Arena?

RPM: Yeah, but everybody already knows about those spaces. I like Arena on Saturdays - it's one of my favorite spaces in LA.

I would have to recommend Circus on Fridays in LA, Anthem on Thursday in San Francisco, and Fag Friday on Fridays in San Francisco.

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