Editorial Letter | Fall 1997


Dear Reader,

Welcome to the premiere issue of QV Magazine. People have asked what QV stands for. It stands for Quo Vadis?, a Latin phrase meaning, "Where are you going?" or "Where are you headed?" The idea is that where ever you go, where ever your journey takes you, use QV Magazine as a map to point you in the right direction. QV understands that because of societal reasons, many individuals may be too closeted or too embarrassed to pick up other "maps" because they may be blatant in their appearances. We have crafted QV to look more universal.

The goal of QV Magazine is to better inform, entertain, and, most importantly, to broaden our understanding of each other. This issue has been entitled, and will focus on, "Our Unity," in an attempt to create a better understanding of our diverse Latino community - a community that is rich in tradition, history and heritage. QV is committed to presenting a balanced representation of Latino culture so that we can learn to appreciate our differences.

QV also aspires to be a positive resource for Latinos who may be struggling with their identities. The process of coming out to our families and childhood/adolescent friends can be difficult. Tolerance is often not common in Latino culture so, in many cases, our QV friends become our second or even first families. We want to reach out to those individuals and provide them with an encouraging outlook on life by showing them the positive aspects of the Latino experience.

This magazine, to the best of our knowledge, is the first English-language, Latino-inclusive, QV magazine in Los Angeles. Other magazines currently available in the QV community often exclude our clubs, our lifestyles and the places we hang out. Latinos play an important role in both the Los Angeles QV community as well as in the city as a whole, and that importance should be recognized. Generations of Latinos have been waiting for years to be included in those other magazines, yet we have been overlooked despite the fact that we are now a majority of the QV minority. QV Magazine is here to fulfill the need and represent our community.

Our vision is to address necessary and important issues with the intent of evoking conversation and action from all types of people. We welcome and encourage individuals from every race, gender, sexuality and religion to read this magazine and enjoy what we have put together for sharing, for showing, for learning, and even for just plain fun.

We believe it's the right time for the presence of a respectable and well-prepared journal for the Latino. We hope you enjoy QV Magazine and we welcome any comments, suggestions and feedback. Please send your comments to P.O. Box 9143, Long Beach, CA 90810-3012 or e-mail us at QVMagazine@aol.com. We also encourage you to visit our website, at www.qvmagazine.com, which we have put much energy into creating.


The QV Staff

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