Cultura | Fall 1997

I want a tall Brown Man,

the kind you can't find in Northfield



A down-ass Chicano off the streets of L.A.,

San Francisco or Chicago

I want a gangster, someone with a "Don't Give a Fuck" attitude

the kind you can't find in Northfield.


Give me a man with unforgettable Indigenous features

Someone who swallows the worm in tequila

Un ranchero que hecha gritos cuando oye musica Mexicana

A black haired man with dark brown eyes...un morenito

shit, I'll take a man with a light complexion and green eyes...

as long as he's brown inside

the kind you can't find in Northfield.


I want a man who taps his feet to the ancient drum

of his ancestors

a sensitive, strong Brown man

someone who has a lowrider,

cruises down Broadway every Sunday

with a joint in the ash tray and a bottle of black cherry Cisco

in between his legs.

I want tattoos to cover his body

this gangster in my dreams...

Dickie pants and down black vans

Tres flores fills our space, our cantón

I want a vato who feels at ease when speaking calo

A black eagle

the kind you can't find in Northfield.


The words firme, frajo, camarrada, chingón and heina

must be apart of my man's everyday speech

I'll be his heina.

Introduce me to an intelligent, crazy, sexy, Brown man

Someone who jumps the Brown bone in public

An Aztec Prince

the kind you can't find in Northfield.


Un Tejano, with tight Wrangler jeans y botas de vibora

un bandero

A veterano...Emiliano Zapata: he'd be tasty.

Give me a Chicano artist

A painter, someone who wouldn't hesitate to sculpt my body

I want to taste his Brown pride

Inhale his Brown breath

A tough, hard-core, beautiful, Brown man

the kind you can't find in Northfield.


Un dorado

A man I can wake up to

Someone who will stand outside my window and serenade me

con mariachi.

A brave, revolutionary Brown man

An Aztlán Army Soldier who follows in the footsteps of Che

He must be "Cesar" tough

Xicano Power branded across his heart with an X

the kind you can't find in Northfield.


If he smokes I'd rather he smoke non-filters

I want my man to inhale the pure, thick smoke of

tobacco grown by the Toltecas, Olmecas, Aztecas y Mexicas.

Give me a sophisticated gangster (I know he exists)

with pure ghetto anger and pure ghetto love

A man - the man who will take me, penetrate my hot spot

A Brown man who will make me scream

you know, the kind you can't find in Northfield.


Ramon Lalo de Leon

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