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Cities of West Hollywood & Long Beach Honor QV!

City of West Hollywood - Proclamation


Whereas, qvMagazine is The Latino Men's Journal. It has established itself as an innovative publication which offers its readers a new perspective of thought-provoking stories and personal viewpoints; and

Whereas, "qv" stands for "Quo Vadis," a Latin term meaning, "Where are you going?"; and

Whereas, By discussing social, political, economic, business, travel and entertainment issues, qvMagazine provided in-depth information that is captivating, empowering, and unifying. avMagazine also promotes self-acceptance and self-esteem to its younger readers by showing positive reflections of the Latino community; and

Whereas, qvMagazine was created to be enjoyed by people of all ethnicities, sexual orientations, and genders as a means of learning about the richness of Latino culture; and

Whereas, qvMagazine is celebrating it's Third Anniversary as the definitive publication and source of information, entertainment, and culture for Latino men:

Now, therefore, Be It Resolved, that I, Jeffrey Prang, Mayor of the City of West Hollywood, California, do hereby proclaim November as qvMagazine Month in the City of West Hollywood in recognition of the celebration of the publication's Third Anniversary; and

Be It Further Resolved that qvMagazine is extended sincere best wishes for continued success.

November 2000
Jeffrey Prang, Mayor

City of Long Beach
Certificate of Recognition

For the 3rd Anniversary of

In recognition and appreciation for your service to Latinos in the QV and lesbian community by bringing an innovative perspective to social, political, business, travel and entertainment issues and for sharing the richness and diversity of Latino culture to people of all ethnicities, orientations and genders.

Dan Baker
Vice Mayor


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