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Questions About qvMagazine!
Here are the most common questions people ask about qvMagazine.

Question 1: What is qvMagazine?

qvMagazine is The Latino Men's Journal. It has established itself as an innovative publication which offers its readers a new perspective of thought-provoking stories and personal viewpoints.

By discussing social, political, economic, business, travel and entertainment issues, qvMagazine provides in-depth information that is captivating, empowering, and unifying. qvMagazine also promotes self-acceptance and self-esteem to its younger readers by showing positive reflections of the Latino community.

Ultimately, qvMagazine is intended to be enjoyed by people of all ethnicities as a means of learning about our rich Latino culture! So from all of us in the Latino community, thank you for your support and welcome to qvMagazine!

Question 2: What does "QV" stand for?

QV stands for "Quo Vadis," a Latin term meaning, "Where are you going?" It is our philosophy to think of qvMagazine as a map--as a guide, if you will--to guide you in your journey as a powerful Latino person—in life.

Question 3: How often is qvMagazine published?

qvMagazine is a bi-monthly internet publication. It comes out every other month.

Question 4: Where can I buy qvMagazine?

Click here to find out where you can purchase qvMagazine.

Question 5: How can I Order qvMagazine?

If you sign-up through our qvMagazine website, you'll get a FREE issue! Click Here and you'll find all the instructions you need to get qvMagazine delivered to your home or business.

Question 6: If I want to write for qvMagazine, how can I get my work published?

Send a sample of your writing to the Editor-in-Chief:
E-mail the Editorial Department at:

Question 7: If I want to become a qvModel, what do I need to do?

Simply, send a headshot or a photo of yourself to the Modeling Coordinator:
E-mail your picture to our Modeling Department at:

Question 8: How do I place an ad in qvMagazine?
Please visit our Advertising Information page by clicking here.

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